About Us

What We Do

  • Professionalism, detail and communication helped us at all times
  • Provide good quality components from reputed suppliers
  • Measure ourselves against customer satisfaction
  • We are a trading company associated with reputed worldwide manufacturer and stocking quality product for quick delivery.
  • We keep critical items available ex stock based on our experience with OEM, end users and consumption pattern.
  • We make product available ex stock for complete range of product related with water desalination plant.
  • We achieve success in business cause of projecting market requirement and make product available.
  • Stock value exceeds 6 million for immediate delivery.
  • We have association with Manufacturer Company like pumps and turbine and we can transfer warranty to end user or OEM directly.
  • We stock critical stock which is difficult to find in the market like membranes, high pressure pumps, turbo charger, duplex pipe and fittings, feed pumps, media filters and more.
  • We serve our client at the lowest possible price as our success is depending on projecting market requirement, purchase in bulk quantity, and economize the shipment and logistics cost and ex stock delivery to our client with full range of products under one shed.
  • We stock quality product only, utilized for similar application or OEM and confirm all necessary requirement of various standard and application tolerance.